Visite guidée de la Cathédrale de MendeVisite guidée de la Cathédrale de Mende
©Visite guidée de la Cathédrale de Mende|FS - OTI Mende
I tested it for you ...

Guided tour of the cathedral

Loïc agreed to tell us about the visit of the Cathedral of Mende guided and commented by one of our guides.

La Cathédrale de Mende vue par LoïcLa Cathédrale de Mende vue par Loïc
©La Cathédrale de Mende vue par Loïc|Loïc Bachelart

Coming to Mende and not visiting its cathedral
is like going to Rome and not going to the Colosseum,
or going to Berlin and not seeing the remains of the Wall.
It’s possible, but it’s a shame.

So, when I arrived in Mende,
I couldn’t stop wondering about this building, which is, at least, singular:
You enter it from the side,
the towers are different
and you can’t go around the building…

Of course, I could have checked my computer and found answers to all my questions on the net, but it turns out that the tourist information centre offers a guided tour… ! It’s the best!
There is no screen to read, no information to check and, icing on the cake, the possibility to climb the bell tower… Sensation and panorama guaranteed!

Welcomed and informed at the tourist information centre (we often say when things are not going well, I prefer to say when they are going well, it’s a choice…),
I booked my visit to the cathedral and went to the meeting point fixed in front of the centre on the day and at the hour, waiting for the guide.
The man arrived, not very tall, with a hat screwed on his head, a small bag on the side, a slightly bushy beard and a big smile on his lips.
We talked a bit, checked our tickets and went to meet the old lady.

Wait a minute, you unfortunate reader!

If you are looking for a solemn, austere and somewhat formal visit, you have come to the wrong time and the wrong guide, because this one is more of a counter than a classic guide.
His language is a mixture of historical knowledge and humour, without being irreverent towards the Cathedral, on the contrary.
In fact, through the history and the anecdotes we are told, we feel a love and respect for this architectural work
. Thus we understand why the two towers are different and how this is linked to the history of the department, we learn why Saint-Privat is the patron saint and many other things about the crypt, the pillars, the organ…
In this way, our guide, with his unsuspected knowledge, answers questions, even the strangest ones, while leading us through the building.

Loïc view

La Cathédrale de Mende vue par LoïcLa Cathédrale de Mende vue par Loïc
©La Cathédrale de Mende vue par Loïc

It is a pure delight for everyone because it is possible to explore all the sides of the great Lady: historical, religious, architectural, artistic and even social…
So, more than a simple visit, it is a little journey, where humour and history are happily mixed, that the tourist information centre offers us and should therefore not be be missed .

Loïc is more Rock'n Roll than Bal Musette



Free for children under 9

This experience includes :

  • The visit of the Cathedral inside and outside
  • The ascent to the bell tower requires the authorisation of the “bâtiments de France”., Learn more at the Tourist Information Centre.

Good to know

  • Our four-legged friends are not allowed in the Cathedral,
  • The Tourist Information Centre has free brochures concerning the town and the cathedral if your visit to Mende does not match the guided tour schedule.