Lac de Charpal vue du ciel 1 - Margeride en LozèreLac de Charpal vue du ciel 1 - Margeride en Lozère
©Lac de Charpal vue du ciel 1 - Margeride en Lozère|Ville de Mende - 0927 Productions
Retreat to a haven of peace

The Margeride

From all the geographical areas of Lozère,
the Margeride is certainly the least known.
However, these vast hilly expanses
composed of meadows and forests,
have kept their wild sides
and are very appreciated with nature lovers.

Margeride 1©v.monteilhetMargeride 1©v.monteilhet
©Margeride 1©v.monteilhet

Margeride, Land of secrets

The Margeride is a natural region of the french Massif Central.

It is located between:
* Velay in the North and Aubrac in the West, 2 regions to which La Margeride is strongly related.
* The Causses and Cévennes to the South, from which it is clearly distinguished.

A preserved flora and fauna

The Margeride is a granite high plateau in the french Massif Central at an altitude of 1200 to 1500 m.
Sparsely populated (14 inhabitants / km²), it straddles the three departments of Cantal, Haute-Loire and Lozère.

Its relief is very eroded, covered with moors, pines and pastures,
sometimes still beech and birch forests
where the granitic parent rock is frequently seen.

Nature is there, everywhere!
And the man is still just a guest there.

The plateau du Roy under the snow
The plateau du Roy under the snow
© OTI Mende

The Margeride, A Hiking country

The country has historically been dedicated to livestock farming.
The climate is harsh and the winters are long, snowy and windy.
These large wooded areas are ideal for walking, hiking, horseback riding or mountain biking.

This territory also hosts on its soil, 2 famous hiking trails (GR)
– The Way of Santiago de Compostela (From the Puy-en-Velay)
– The Stevenson Trail (from Monastier Sur Gazeille to Saint-Jean du Gard).


What to do in Margeride

The essentials

360° view of the Charpal Lac.

Charpal is very appreciated for the superb environment that surrounds it.
A very nice trail (8,7 kilometers = 5mi 714 yd) makes the tour of the lac.
Moreover, it is the largest fishing lake “No-kill” of France (we release the fish).

Passer en plein écran

Lovers of nature and tranquility will know how to perceive in these large spaces, where the human presence is discreet, all the wild beauty that still remains in little territory of the hexagonal hinterland.