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Along the water


in the heart of Lozère

You are an occasional fisherman or a fan of this sport.

You will find in this page, useful information to practice fishing in Lozère.
It is renowned for its rivers and bodies of water.

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All about fishing in Lozère

The Essential

The fishing season:

The fishing season is open of the second weekend of March to the 3rd weekend of September for the rivers of 1st category and from May 1st to December 31st for the Lake Charpal.

• Mid-March at Mid-April: At the opening time, water is often cold and only the slow peaches near the bottom bring back some fishes. But, the Lot and the Tarn throats being early rivers, the conditions improve quickly and the first blossomings of Baetis and March Bown make it possible to fish quickly with the fly at the beginning of season.

• Mid-april at mid-june: It is as from Easter and during spring that the fisherman will meet the greatest activity on the river. The trouts are in station and the blossomings of watery insects more regular. An even windy or rainy covered time is increasingly more favorable. The Lot river has a great diversity of watery insects which in fact an ideal river for the fisherman with the fly.

• Mid-june at Mid-August: In summer, the fisherman have to rise early to go to the river at the freshest time of the day or to devote himself to the blow of the evening during the blossomings of sedges and of fallen down of ignita (BWO).

• Mid-August at Mid-septembre: With the storms of the end of the summer, the fishes go back to activity and melts the full one with energy for the period of reproduction. Unfortunately with the climate changes, the storms are less systematic at this period and arrive sometimes after the closing of the fishing season. But if you are lucky then you will have only the embarrassment of the choice between a fabulous fishing party and a mushroom miraculous gathering.

• Mid-septembre at Mid-novembre: The fishing season in river is closed but it remains open on the Lake Charpal. It is one of the best periods of the year to track large pikes and to capture a fish trophies.

To know in real time the water level, the temperatures and the conditions of fishing season on the whole of the rivers and Lozere Lakes, consult the Bulletins while clicking on: “INFOS PÊCHE 48“.

The bulletins are published in season every 15 days by the Company of the Guides of Fishing season of Lozere which will also give you the advices of the month to make a success of your stay fishes in our department.

« Fishing friends be respectful residents, think of closing the passages of fence for the cattle, take with greatest moderation, slacken with delicacy the youthful ones or practise the “No-kill“.
Help us to preserve the future of the trout fishing on our river. »

Fishing licenses are on sale in Lozère fishing shops or directly by clicking on the link:

More information by contacting the Fédération de la Pêche, our partner on this page :
Fédération de la Pêche de Lozère, 12 av. Paulin Daudé – 48000 MENDE –

Fishing in Lozère