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Our Team

The Tourist Office staff

Who we are?

A team is above all people.

If the human factor is now a recognized element in the world of work, it is essential in the tourism professions.

Our team has been working together for over 15 years.
This longevity has made it possible to create fund projects and to set up new services.

Here is a brief presentation of each member of the Mende, Cœur de Lozère Tourist Office and the know-how that each puts at the service of tourism professionals, travellers, holidaymakers and Lozère residents.

Géraldine & Riccardo


Travel advisor at the Tourist Office, Géraldine, originally from Mende, knows the smallest alleys and corners of her city.
On sunny days, she likes to make new discoveries and does not fail to criss-cross the department to rediscover Lozère.
For fun of course, but also to better inform holiday visitors.

Géraldine is also the “tourist tax” referent of the Community of Communes Mende Cœur de Lozère.

Contact : Géraldine BON: 0033 (0)4 66 94 00 23 – geraldine.bon@ot-mende.fr
Reception and information / Management of the shop / Ticket office / Tourist tax referent.


Travel advisor at the Tourist Office since his arrival in the structure, Riccardo is the polyglot of the team.
Bilingual French/Italian (mother tongue), English and German are also part of his repertoire.

Riccardo is in charge of various software programs necessary for the smooth running of the Tourist Office (ticket sales, cashier software, etc.).
As a biker at heart, he likes to criss-cross the department and meet tourism providers; for his personal pleasure, but also to share his experiences with the Visitors.

Contact : Riccardo BUSSADORI: 00 33 (0)4 66 94 00 23 – riccardo.bussadori@ot-mende.fr.
Head of the Reception Service/ Ticketing/ Shop management and prospecting of local producers/ Training of seasonal workers.

Virginie & Alexandre


Virginie, at the Tourist Office since 2004, ensures the production and marketing of stay offers, in the form of packaged tourist products and accommodation booking.
The stays service allows a showcase of the destination with a highlighting of the activities and additional visibility of the local partners.
Responsible for individual stays and group stays, Virginie prepare holidays “à la carte” (stays on request), providing a personalized response for each client.
Her work is based on relationships, trust for human and friendly exchanges.

Virginie is also the Quality Tourism™ referent: she coordinates the quality approach within the structure.

Contact: Virginie MONTEILHET : 0033 (0)4 66 94 21 17 – virginie.monteilhet@ot-mende.fr
Stay Services, Quality Manager, Travel Advisor


Having arrived at the Office in 2018, the team’s “little kid” is no less experienced.
As a professional guide, Alexandre organizes and animates the guided tours as well as many of the summer activities of the Tourist Office (such as the Thursdays of the Cathedral).
His knowledge and skills have made it possible to create new visits to the territory and to the city of Mende.
Driven by good will, Alexandre is often a volunteer for new missions within the structure.

Contact: Alexandre MANCEAU, Phone: 00 33 (0)6 77 00 97 25 – patrimoine@ot-mende.fr
Professional Tourist Guide, Heritage Agent, Travel Advisor

Claire & Franck


Claire is responsible for creating and formatting all brochures published by the Tourist Office.
Her knowledge of DTP allows her to regularly create media of all types for the promotion of our territory.
She maintains media relations in close collaboration with Cyril, the director.

It is also Claire who makes the link with tourism stakeholders to request their participation in promotional brochures.

Contact, Claire NOUET– Communication, editions, press relations & travel advisor: 00 33 (0)4 66 94 21 13 – claire.nouet@ot-mende.fr


In charge of updating the information on the website, Franck also provides the digital animation of the Territory, a few guided tours and presence on tourism fairs.

Contact, Franck SOLER: 00 33 (0)4 66 94 21 11 – franck.soler@ot-mende.fr
Website management, digital animation, Professional Tourist Guide, travel advisor.

Pierre & Cyril


Accountant for the company since 2001, Pierre divides his working time between the Tourist Office, in the mornings, and the Town Hall, in the afternoons.


Contact, Pierre MASSEGUIN: 00 33 (0)4 66 94 21 12 – comptabilite@ot-mende.fr
Accounting and financial monitoring.


At the head of the Mende Tourist Office since 2005, Cyril is the bridge between the elected community representatives and the field.
He implements, with his team, the objectives set by the Management Committee of the Office.

On the lookout for new trends and curious by nature, it is Cyril who leads the communication of the structure on the social networks Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Contact, Cyril DUCLOT – Management: 00 33 (0)4 66 94 21 18 – cyril.duclot@ot-mende.fr.