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Most beautiful villages of Lozère

Man has always built his habitat with the materials present on site.
We find in Lozère, very different constructions at very short distances.
The country’s geological diversity is the main reason for this.
The presence of granite, schist and limestone rocks,
has given this diversity of constructions.
The very small population and limited urbanization
favored the conservation of traditional constructions.

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Three certified villages

in Lozère

There are three villages in Lozère which have the privilege of being part of the coveted label of the “Plus beaux villages de France” = “Most beautiful villages of France”.
This is because of the authenticity of their heritage.

Plus Beau Village France


Medieval village nestled at the bottom of the Gorges du Tarn, the village of Sainte-Enimie impresses.
One does not stop going down, down and down again to arrive in this pretty little town with a medieval past still visible and where the Benedictine monks worked for a long time for the prosperity of the place.

We advise you to visit Sainte-Enimie and the Gorges du Tarn between April and October first.

La Garde Guérin

This fortification which guarded the Régordane way, linking Provence and Languedoc to the Auvergne overlooks the Gorges du Chassezac.

The place is magnificent and still clearly retains the vestiges of its past.

Many films on the Middle Ages have been shot on site.

Le Malzieu

This medieval village has gone through history, there are also traces of human settlement from the Neolithic period.
The Gallo-Roman era and the early Middle Ages saw the gradual development of a city thanks to the rise of the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela and the establishment of “priories” (convents and monasteries) on the site in the 11th century.

The oldest visible vestiges of the current city date from the 13th century.
Le Malzieu went through the reform and the religious wars with losses in the 16th century. Conquered by the Protestants of Mathieu Merle then taken over by the Duke of Joyeuse, the city suffered partial destruction (church and ramparts in particular).

However, the historic center retains an architectural heritage that gives a very special atmosphere to the site.

Not to be missed if you like very pretty villages!

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