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Castles, churches & megaliths

The most surprising discoveries are often made during improvised walks.
Castles, villages and stone buildings appear
in the middle of the vast landscapes of Lozère.

Our gaze pauses on a chapel, on the ruins of a castle or on a hamlet perched on top of a peak.
From the small bread oven to the remains of a fortified house, the surprise is always there.
Find testimonies of our past in unlikely places,
sometimes so difficult to access, never ceases to move us.

Castles of Lozère

to visit or to contemplate from afar

The Castles of Lozère to discover

Often in ruins … sometimes private … these castles present parts accessible to the public.

However, we advise you to take precautions because the ruins of the castles are not all secure and it is always better to inquire at the nearest Tourist Offices to find out more.

The private castles of Lozère.

These castles, inhabited year-round or occasionally, are rarely open to guided tours.
However, at times, especially during heritage days (“journées du Patrimoine”), some owners open their estates to the delight of enthusiasts.
Other castles open their doors upon reservation.
Ask and check with the nearest Tourist Offices.

The rest of the year, these buildings, sometimes superb,

are to be seen from afar…

360° view from the ruins of Chateau du Tournel

The castle dominates the Lot valley and offers a magnificent view of the surroundings.
A steep path allows access from the road.

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Beautiful churches of Lozère

There are a very large number of churches, chapels and temples in Lozère.

  • Romanesque art made its nest and lingered there,
  • Gothic art has pointed its nose there,
  • The Renaissance has left many traces there,
  • And the 19th century strongly marked it!

It is a difficult choice for us to tell you which buildings you absolutely must not miss.

If you only have to visit one church:
The Cathedral of Mende

The point of view may seem biased but the Cathedral of Mende is a building of such architectural, historical and heritage interest that it seems to us imperative for the traveller to make a stop there.

Information about the Cathedral of Mende

Our selection: