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In heart of Lozère

Holiday accommodation is one of the most important criteria in the organization of our holidays.
And at the time of choosing, we all have our scales of values.
There are features in the accommodations that we think are essential and that we absolutely want to have, and there are other elements that we think are secondary and therefore less important.

Façade d'une maison de paysFaçade d'une maison de pays
©Façade d'une maison de pays|Phovoir

Make your choice

Some prefer the quality of services and services offered by hotels.
Others, pose “human relationships” as the main focus of their holidays and will tend to opt for bed and breakfast or camping.

Families will often choose the holiday rental, although the “village of gites” (holidays resort) and the campsite are also very popular for the entertainment they offer.

However, most of us like to flutter from one form of accommodation to another depending on the type of stay chosen (small-weekend for lovers or long family holidays).
And we alternate according to our desires and our budget between upscale hotel, unusual accommodation, cottage, etc.