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A culture of hospitality

Quality approach – Quality label

For many years, the Tourist Office has sought to improve the quality of the reception and the information of the public.
The quality approach has become a guideline that allows the entire team to work better to serve you better.

The "Tourism Quality" brand

To better welcome tourists and improve the quality of tourist services in France, the State has created the brand
Qualité Tourisme™.

Mende Coeur de Lozère Tourist Office
has been labeled Qualité Tourisme™ since May 2018.

What does the Qualité Tourisme™ brand represent?

Tourist and local visitors
of the Tourist Office

The entire team of the Tourist Office is mobilized to reserve you an optimal welcome.
The Qualité Tourisme™ brand guarantees you:

  • a personalized and warm welcome,
  • an available, attentive and benevolent staff that listens to visitors,
  • a pleasant, clean and comfortable reception area,
  • a discovery of the destination,
  • complaint management,
  • information on the territory’s sustainable development commitments,
  • a secure welcome while respecting barrier gestures and physical distancing,
  • constant improvement of services for the satisfaction of visitors and partners.

Your satisfaction is at the heart of our progress process

The Tourist Office takes your opinions into account and guarantees that your complaints will be processed.

Do not hesitate to send us your positive and negative comments, on our Tourist Office and on our tourist destination.

Tourism professionals
who trust us

The Qualité Tourisme ™  brand guarantees:
• a personalized and warm welcome,
• caring staff listening to visitors,
• a pleasant, clean and comfortable reception area,
• a discovery of the destination,
• claims management,
• exchanges with service providers on the destination,
• Continuous service improvement for partner and visitor satisfaction.

The Qualité Tourisme ™ brand also allows discussion on the destination, on the services of the Tourist Office, on the comments and complaints recorded, on the malfunctions at the scale of the destination, thanks to its working group: the Destination Quality Group.

In order to enrich the exchanges and to work on projects throughout our territory, we need YOUR feedback, YOUR experience, YOU, PARTNER OF THE TOURIST OFFICE AND TOURISM PROFESSIONAL.
Feel free to join this working group, which meets twice a year.

Qualité Tourisme™ covers the entire tourism hospitality chain:

The many players involved in tourism are concerned: hotels, tourist residences, holiday villages, campsites, restaurants, cafes and breweries, seasonal rental agencies, tourist offices, places to visit, sports and leisure activities…

Qualité Tourisme™ is for you a sign of national recognition that values your hospitality and quality services, and allows tourists to choose your establishment with confidence.

Would you like information on the Qualité Tourisme ™ brand?

Interested in joining the Destination Quality Group?

Do you want to embark on a process of progress?

Your contacts at the Tourist Office of Mende Cœur de Lozère:

The whole team of the Cœur de Lozère Tourist Office puts all its know-how and know-how to satisfy you and thanks you for your trust.

Label Qualité Tourisme Occitanie Sud de France, les pros parlent aux pros!
Label Qualité Tourisme Occitanie Sud de France, les pros parlent aux pros!
Label Qualité Tourisme Occitanie Sud de France, les pros parlent aux pros!

Our other labels

The new classification grids for tourist offices and tourist resorts came into effect on 1 July 2019.
This reform offers tourists services more adapted to their needs, particularly in terms of digital offer.
The criteria are simplified (passing from a grid of 48 criteria to 19 criteria) with two categories, integrating greater flexibility of opening hours, possible dematerialization of tourist information media, better adaptation of the spoken languages requested, …
The choice of themes is more focused on tourist services than on the organization and internal governance of the structure.

The tourist office has been certified Tourism and Disability since 2008 for three disabilities: Hearing, motor and mental.

OTI has all the tools it needs to claim certification for blind disabilities. This work was carried out in collaboration with the association Braille et Culture.

The reception staff have followed the Tourism and Handicap training.

The city of Mende has designed a discovery of the city adapted to the progression of the armchairs. A map allows you to follow an itinerary (about an hour and a half) that offers stops through tourist kiosks.

Among the tourist sites, the cathedral remains a must-see place and perfectly accessible to people with disabilities.

In a cultural domain, the Space of Angels is also accessible to all. It was also in 2011 that heavy work was done to convert this space: accessibility for people with disabilities, equipment in high tech equipment for sound and light.

In addition, the tourist office has imagined an “audio-guided” tour of the city using electronic devices: audioguides.
Designed to allow the visually impaired or blind to discover the rich history of Mende, booklets in Braille are also available at the reception of the tourist office.

The Tourist Office undertakes to mobilize all the necessary means for the implementation and operation of the “Qualité Sud de France” system:

“Certified professionals are committed to ensuring the reception of clients through a policy of quality services and services.
They promote accessibility for people with reduced mobility and welcome French and foreign customers with professionalism.
They communicate about their establishment, in order to facilitate access to information and booking.
They become ambassadors of Languedoc-Roussillon by promoting local and regional identity.”

The OTI Mende, Cœur de Lozère invites all tourism professionals to obtain the label. You can find out more on the website:

Extended to Occitania, the Grand Sites policy has its second selection: the 22 winners, including Mende Cœur de Lozère, bring the total to 40.

A “Grand Site Occitanie” has a remarkable architectural and/or natural heritage or a cultural site of international renown.

All the labeled sites have formulated a 2018 to 2021 “roadmap” with the Region.

The objectives of the “Grands Sites Occitanie” policy are:

• To promote the development of the activity within the territories,
• To develop the notoriety and the attractiveness of the Occitanie destination by relying on the tourist, natural and cultural sites of high notoriety, the promotion of the destination of the OCCITANIE/Pyrénées Méditerranée Region on foreign, French and local markets,

• To develop a dynamic of preservation, valorization, cultural mediation and heritage in the emblematic hearts of the “Grands Sites Occitanie”,

• To innovate in new artistic, digital and playful approaches to heritage,

• To structure the offer with the improvement of the quality of reception, services, products and facilities so that the stay on the site meets the expectations of visitors,

• To organize a concerted approach between cultural, tourism and environmental stakeholders in the promotion of “Grands Sites Occitanie”

• To encourage visitors to discover the sites and products of its surrounding territory as well as the other “Grands Sites Occitanie” of the Occitanie region,

• To promote the appropriation of the heritage of the “Grands Sites Occitanie” by the inhabitants of the Region and the tourist and cultural actors in order to make them ambassadors of our regional territory.