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Caving explorations

The Lozère is a region well known by professional and amateur speleologists because it is full of caves and cavities,
especially in its limestone part, in the south-east of the Lozère.
The most famous caves like Dargilan, Bramabiau and the Aven Armand have been designed for visits by the general public
But many other cavities are accessible with good equipment and adequate professional supervision.

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About Caving

Useful information

Below, you will find information about graduate Instructors and Guides
for initiations to the discovery of caving
or for more technical excursions in the basement of Lozère.

The instructions given by the guide are an integral part of a successful and safe caving trip.

We advise you, even if you know this discipline, to contact the professionals and experts of caving in Lozère.

Caving is a discipline practiced by enthusiasts of discovery, lovers of unique emotions often also very invested in the preservation of the environment.

Comité départemental de spéléologie (Departmental caving committee)
Maison des sports,
Rue du faubourg Montbel,
48000 Mende

Caves designed for the general public

in Lozère