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Climbing and via ferrata

Climbing , Via Ferrata & Tree climbing in Lozère

This page is intended for all fans of climbing and balance sports.
Are you looking for a natural climbing site, a via ferrata or an acrobatic route ?
You will also find below, information on the different practice places and also the contact details of guides / qualified instructors for initiations or discoveries that you become beginners or confirmed.

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Places to climb, guides, ...

Useful information

You want to get started on a climbing route or to discover a “via ferrata” but you fear the difficulty.
State-certified climbing guides are there for you!
They are trained to supervise the outings of climbing.
Let yourself be guided.

The “vie ferrate” (via ferrata in the singular):

Always located on rock faces, these are sporting routes that have been equipped with specific elements (cables, ladders, ramps, Nepalese bridges, monkey bridges, zip lines, etc.) intended to facilitate progress and optimize the safety of people who use it.
Going through a via ferrata is an activity located halfway between the acrobatic park and climbing.
This requires good physical condition and control of heights and altitude.

We advise you to consult the brochure “Via ferrata de Lozère” (opposite).
Well developed, this document provides most of the information necessary to practice this activity in good conditions.

Via Ferrata Rocher de Moïse Lozère Mende
Via Ferrata Rocher de Moïse Lozère Mende
Via Ferrata Rocher de Moïse Lozère Mende