Les Gorges du Tarn en barque ou en canoëbalade en barque avec les Batelier des Gorges du Tarn
©balade en barque avec les Batelier des Gorges du Tarn|F. Soler - OTI Mende

Gorges du Tarn & grands Causses

Located in the southwestern part of the Lozère, the Gorges du Tarn and Gorges de la Jonte are overlooked by the Causse de Sauveterre, the Causse Méjean and the Causse noir.

Castelbouc - Gorges du TarnHameau de Castelbouc - Gorges du Tarn
©Hameau de Castelbouc - Gorges du Tarn|V.M. OTI Mende

Explore the Gorges,

Walk through the Causses

This region is made up of large limestone areas, the Causses (whose average altitude is around 900 m), carved out by impressive steep defiles, rightly nicknamed: “The Gorges“.

Among the many sites to discover, you can admire the beautiful villages of Hauterives (on the other side of the Tarn), Sainte-Enimie (ranked among the most beautiful villages in France), St-Chély du Tarn (beautiful small village on the mountainside whose waterfall gives a magical and peaceful side to the site), La Malène where the famous boatmen of the Gorges du Tarn are located, who offer boat trips.

The Causses and Gorges region encompasses some of the most spectacular landscapes in France and known throughout the world.

We invite you to visit the many sites in this area, starting with the very famous cavities of the Aven Armand, Dargilan and Bramabiau caves.

The traditional habitat of the Causses is worth a visit and former Caussenarde farm is a good example.

One of the peculiarities of the Causses are the multiple rocky chaos that can be found there.
The best known are those of Nîmes le vieux & Montpellier le vieux.

When you come to Lozère, those are the landscapes that attract the most attention. And those of the Gorges are among the most beautiful in France.
Nothing beats breathtaking panoramas like the Roc des Hourtous, the Point sublime, the Pas de soucis or the Saint-Chély du Tarn panorama.
You may have the chance to see vultures in the air … who knows …


Landscape & activities
Gorges du Tarn and Causses
Office de Tourisme de l'Aubrac aux Gorges du Tarn - une destination en tous points sublime !
Office de Tourisme de l'Aubrac aux Gorges du Tarn - une destination en tous points sublime !
© OT de l'Aubrac aux Gorges du Tarn

Outdoor sports enthusiasts

Greatly appreciate the Gorges and Causses for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding on the many marked trails and paths.

But also for the descent of the Tarn by canoe, for caving and for the very famous climbing routes of the Gorges de la Jonte.


A voir, à faire

Dans les Gorges, sur les Causses

360 ° view from the panorama located at the Sublime Point

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