Toques Cepes 2018 7©t.cornachonToques Cepes 2018 7©t.cornachon
©Toques Cepes 2018 7©t.cornachon
The feast of the Cep!

The mushroom festival

and the bee feast

Every year, at the beginning of October, the feast of the Cep
brings together mycology lovers
as well as food and party enthusiasts!

Toques Cepes 2018 14©mairie MendeToques Cepes 2018 14©mairie Mende
©Toques Cepes 2018 14©mairie Mende

The essentials

of the festival

Markets, exhibitions, tastings, cooking and discovery workshops, demonstrations, cooking competitions, strolls, discovery outings, concerts, …


All day for school children and the general public: exhibition(s), Conferences & fun workshops on various themes: mushrooms, bees, beekeeping and its history, beehive products.

Cooking workshops led by regional cooks supported by the students of the lycée Émile Peytavin of Mende then tasting cooked dishes.

From 8 pm: “Mushroom” meal in partner restaurants.

The Saturday :

Early morning: Mushroom picking with volunteers of the Holiday Committee, in the woods of Charpal. Bus Transport – Limited places, registration required.

All day long:

Mushroom market, chestnuts, apples, seasonal vegetables and fruits, crafts …
Workshops, demonstrations & tastings (beekeeping, mycology, jams, cooking, …)
botanical walks,
Gourmet guided tours,
Musical strolls, …

In the evening: Giant omelette tasting and regional wines
From 8 pm: “Mushroom” meal in partner restaurants.

9 pm .: BODEGA-concert.

The detailed program
of the feast 2020 !