Buron Aubrac 2Buron Aubrac 2
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Take the way to the Aubrac highlands

The Aubrac

High basaltic and granite plateau (1300 m of average altitude), the Aubrac takes its name from «Alto Braco» which means «high place» in Oc language.

Route en AubracRoute en Aubrac
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Explore the landscapes of Aubrac

Well known in the world of hiking and by nature lovers, this vast expanse of meadows is dotted with huge granite rocks as if accidentally fallen from the pocket of a giant.

The climate is harsh, the landscape grandiose and the brightness varies according to the slightest breeze that makes «dance» the wild herbs.

Harmony between
man and nature

It mainly breeds the Aubrac cow, beautiful and rustic.
But this land also hosts a large number of herds of cattle for summer pastures because the excellent quality of its pastures is very famous.
This country marks the harmony between man and nature.
Here man is little; like the sailor and the ocean, it lives with the times and the seasons.

L' Aubrac - Nature infinie
L' Aubrac - Nature infinie
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Many are tempted by the discovery of local specialities in a buron and taste an aligot accompanied by a cabbage sausage or embellished with a hearty “fleur d’Aubrac” steak …


Cross the wide open spaces of Aubrac

Made famous by the pilgrims who crossed it, The Aubrac was as famous for its fabulous landscapes as for the many brigands who raged there.

Nowadays, it is a region suitable for walking with long-distance hiking trails such as the Saint-Jacques de Compostelle or the Chemin d’Urbain V.
Travelers also enjoy discovering Aubrac by bike or on horseback. and on a motorbike.

Several family winter sports resorts dot this territory.
Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoes and sled dogs are offered each new winter season.

Aubrac terre de traditions
Aubrac terre de traditions
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Things to do in Aubrac

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