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©Chateau Tournel ©mairie Mende 1
A wild and picturesque valley

The Lot valley

The Haute Vallée du Lot (high valley of the river Lot) stretches its source, in the Goulet mountain,
to its confluence with the Colagne (west of Lozère).

The Lot flows into the Garonne, 481 kilometers further on.

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Sources & Upper Lot Valleyt

If, from its source, the Lot valley offers a wild and picturesque face, from Chadenet it takes the features of a bocage landscape.
Old villages have developed along the hillsides such as Bagnols-les-Bains or Sainte-Hélène.

Between forests and “causses”

A little further along, the more winding valley narrows.
The deciduous and coniferous forest then occupies the entire landscape.
It is at the approach of Mende that the valley offers its largest widening.
It is wedged by the Causse de Mende to the south, the Causse de Changefège to the west and by the foothills of the Margeride mountains to the north.


Mende et Bagnols-les-Bains seen by ""
Mende et Bagnols-les-Bains seen by
Quelques jours à Mende

Valley of many faces

The valley narrows again on leaving Mende.
It is supplied, 7 km further on, in the village of Balsièges, by a new tributary: the Bramont.

The deep valley widens from Barjac and Chanac to the village of Sallelles.
The Colagne river comes to bring its tribute in water a few kilometers further and the Lot finally arrives at Banassac to leave the department of Lozère by the west.
It then rushes into the very beautiful, pretty Olt Valley, in Aveyron.


Things to do

In the hight valley of river Lot