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Portrait of Enthusiasts

Laurent AUGIER,
Brasserie de Lozère “La 48”

Meet Laurent

Date and place of birth:
I was born on May 9, 1968 in Arles, in the "Bouches du Rhône" department.

Why did you choose to make beer?
After highlighting Lozère with various playful products labeled “Vache48“, I wanted to release a local product.
After much thought, I decided to create a beer.
I am a creator at heart: 19 years ago I tried to make beer but at the time I did not persevere and I left this project aside.
And then two years ago, opportunities presented themselves and the Brasserie de Lozère – La48 was born!

Did you have to take any training?
I followed a brewer training course in Douai and obtained a University Diploma of Master Brewer at the University of La Rochelle.

Are you working alone on this project?
No, I proposed my project to two people who became my partners: Philippe MOCELIN and Mickaël PRADIER. And we also work in collaboration on one of our beers with Alain LESAGE, creator of the cep liqueur (mushroom).
This liqueur is part of the composition of our La48 Amber with cep liqueur.
We are studying possible beer-based derivatives but nothing concrete for the moment…

Why did you arrive in Lozère?
I arrived in Lozère in September 1995, by “Love“.
I followed the woman who was to become my wife because for her first post as a teacher “of Occitan and Spanish”, she was appointed to Mende and we did not know anyone when we arrived.
It is difficult at first to integrate, it is important not to arrive on conquered ground!
As a rugby player, I joined Mende’s team and as everywhere, thanks to rugby, we quickly found a family of heart and our integration was done quickly!

I already came from a very diverse department (Crau, Camargue (sea) and Alpilles).
When I arrived in Lozère, I was immediately seduced by its great diversity: Les Causses, Margeride, Aubrac and the Gorges.
I have been practicing mountain biking for a few years and I let you guess the multitude of landscapes encountered.
A pool of nature, discoveries and calm.

For me, the Lozère


I don’t know what the future holds for me, but today for nothing in the world I wouldn’t leave Lozère. I still have deep roots in Arles and its surroundings, but I am also a Lozérien at heart!

I am proud to make my creations travel and to represent Lozère outside our “borders”. For me, Lozère is a land of creation.

Laurent Augier

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