Étang Bonnecombe C. Nouet 7 2017 (5 Reduit)Étang Bonnecombe C. Nouet 7 2017 (5 Reduit)
©Étang Bonnecombe C. Nouet 7 2017 (5 Reduit)
One amazing region

Landscapes of Lozère

Five unique regions in a unique territory in south of france.
Mix and match for your perfect holiday.

Lozère, Land of wide spaces

Wild and Amazing

It is a nice definition for Lozère.
Because castles, villages and other stone monuments often mark the punctuation of our gaze when the view is lost contemplating these grandiose landscapes.

Our eyes mark a pause on such a chapel perched on a summit, on such a castle on the top of a peak or on this pretty village buried in a narrow valley.

It is often during the walks that we make the most beautiful discoveries.
rom the small bread oven to the ruins of a castle, the surprise of finding such remains in such remote places never ceases to leave us speechless.

The Lozère seen from