Le Vallon du VillaretLe Vallon du Villaret - parc de découverte à ciel ouvert
©Le Vallon du Villaret - parc de découverte à ciel ouvert|Vallon du Villaret
I tested it for you ...

The discovery of the Villaret Vallon

Rafael and Franck relate
their visits to the Vallon du Villaret …

Rafa Franck 1aRafa Franck 1a
©Rafa Franck 1a

It is fun time!

Rafa Franck 2Rafa Franck 2
©Rafa Franck 2

 … And not only for the little ones!
I already knew the valley and its nets well before I had my child …
Since my son was three years old, we come back almost every year …

Franck & Rafa, fans of leisure activity from father to son

Le Vallon is atypical


It is an open-air park, in the middle of nature, where visitors spend their time playing ……
with artists’ creations …


And yes, Art is within easy reach and so, in addition to discovering, seeing and admiring, you can play with the objects.



Surprising, revitalising, …


The games are successive without overtaking nature, which truly dominates in this wooded small valley.
Everything is designed to adapt to the environment.

It is relaxing, intriguing and fun.

Le Vallon, for a few hours, can make us forget our daily worries… as long as we discover it with childlike eyes.



« Beyond the concept which is attractive, we have a lot of fun« 

Rafa Franck 2Rafa Franck 2
©Rafa Franck 2

Le Vallon !I have visited it at least 3,000 times ! When are we going back ?

Rafa, always ready for new adventures!



per person

This experience includes

  • one entry to the Vallon du Villaret for one person if you come out of July and August,
    and an extra €1 per person in summer!

Good to know

  • In the Vallon, there is water and water means WET !
    Make sure you have a change of clothes for your little group, it will be useful!
  •  Picnic:
    In high season, you can picnic before you go back (more than 160 seats) or halfway along the route near the hostel (120 seats), but not “in” the Vallon. And those arriving early in the morning can drop off their picnic by bus or car and pick it up at the halfway point near the hostel without having to carry it. More details at the reception on arrival.
    In low season, the entrance is next to the hostel, if you arrive around 11am, you will first have a little tour of the Vallon to whet your appetite, then have your meal at the hostel.
    In April or October, if it is cold, there will be few people, so you probably can have your picnic in the warmth of the hostel.