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Notto’s Italian Restaurant

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Meet Jacky

Date and place of birth:

Born March 11, 1967 in Saint Etienne.

Why did you set your sights on opening an Italian restaurant?
As the son of Italian immigrants who arrived in France in the 1950s, I was raised in an environment in which everything was punctuated by one thing, cooking pasta and tomato sauce.
Every year, the month of August saw the whole family head south, sometimes to Rome, sometimes to Sicily.
It was the month of family reunions, gelati, pizze and feasts.
This marked much more than my childhood and constituted the roots of a life.
It is impossible to live otherwise, nor to forget the sweetness of these moments of sharing and of this life around the table.
One single passion has always inhabited me: cooking Italian.
If life led me elsewhere, all my relatives knew it, it was written that a day would come when I would take pleasure in restoring this cuisine.
That’s how NOTTO’S was born.

What training did you take?
While pasta and pizza are simple, ubiquitous dishes, they are sometimes so misrepresented… Also, I took two trainings before opening this restaurant: I chose to go to Naples to train in the temple of Italian cuisine.
I learned to work with flours, yeasts, which is the basis of Italian cuisine.
I also followed the best training there is, that of the restaurant customer, that of the consumer.
In fact, for more than 25 years I have traveled the roads and been to many places and countries in the course of my professional activities…
I have been to restaurants with a magical atmosphere, warm, unforgettable, I have recorded lots of ideas and seen such exceptional settings.
This is why NOTTO’S is a restaurant that offers world cuisine, even if it is predominantly Italian.

What are your plans?
Originally, the restaurant was intended to be conceptual, offering both meals but also groceries and sundries, pretty things.
A few weeks after opening, maintaining the grocery/shop business became very complicated in the face of numerous requests for table reservations.
The restaurant then took on a bigger part of the business. Italian cuisine appeals to everyone.
The period of confinement, during which the restaurant offered a menu adapted to the “takeaway” mode will have made it possible to realize that there is a real expectation of Italian products (classic, fresh, catered dishes, etc.).
So I would really like to develop the catering activity and the Italian grocery store, in addition to the restaurant, to provide an answer to a new lifestyle and new needs.

What was the reason for you to come to Lozere?
In 2012, I created a company in the field of Decoration.
The company grew rapidly and it was necessary to face a significant need for working capital.
LOZERE DEVELOPPEMENT, the Departmental Council and the Region accompanied me and allowed the company to grow installing its headquarters in LOZERE.
And once you are seduced by the multiple charms of the department, it is difficult to detach yourself from it.

For me Lozere

Enseignes NottoEnseignes Notto
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The LOZERE is unique, its landscapes are exceptional.
Life here is gentle and calm.
The quality of life is undeniable.

Jacky Perrera

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