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Land of encounters

Portrait of an enthusiast

José Iñiguez, Planet 2 Wheels

Find the portraits of enthusiasts of the Mende territory.
They love Mende and love to tell about it.
We hope they will make you want to discover it!

Jose Iniguez Planete2rouesJose Iniguez Planete2roues
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Meet José

Date and place of birth:

Born on 3/05/1976 in Montpellier, my parents came to work in Lozere... I thus became Lozerian of "heart".
It was thus an evidence for me to settle in Lozere.

Where does this idea of managing a cycle store come from?
I spent my teenage years practicing mountain biking. Passionate about bikes in general, mechanics and various two-wheeled machines, it was obvious to me that one day I would have my own store.

What training have you followed?
Having followed an initial training in college accompanied by apprenticeship in bike and motorcycle mechanics, I continued my course and I obtained a professional motorcycle bac.

How long has the store been in existence?
After having had a few experiences here and there, in motorcycles as well as in cycles, I had the opportunity to take over an already existing store in the city and to make it grow. I co-created and launched planete2roues in April 1999, with a friend to accompany me in the launch, then in 2005, I took the reins of the store alone.

I feel really lucky to have followed my passion to make it my job and today take a lot of pleasure every day to work!

Do you offer for sale and/or rent the electrically assisted bicycle?
Of course yes! The E.A.B. has been growing rapidly for the last 5/6 years …
Whether for sale or rent, we believe a lot in this type of bike and its enormous possibilities.
In fact, much more than a fashion, I think that this bike was THE product that was needed to take pleasure in bike touring, in general and in Lozere in particular, for Mr. and Mrs. everyone.
And given the difficulty of the terrains encountered in Lozere, I think that the V.A.E. is a great machine that has a great future ahead of it…

Do you have any plans for your structure?
No, we don’t have any short term plans, we try to do quality work, to satisfy our customers with our very small structure and our small means…

For me Lozere

Jose Iniguez Planete2rouesJose Iniguez Planete2roues
©Jose Iniguez Planete2roues

For me Lozere is the raw nature, the 4 seasons rather marked and a low population density, that’s what I like here.
And then I have always been attracted by the mountain.
Lozere gathers everything I like and represents a great playground for cycling (mountain bike and cyclo).

José Iñiguez