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The Lion of Balsièges

On the Causse of Balsièges is a magnificent rock in the shape of a lion.

By Emmanuelle

The Focus are articles from our old blog recounting the wanderings of Uncle Fernand,
a curious Lozèrian and very attached to his land.

The time has come to give the identity of our real writers.

According to scientists, it is the work of nature created by erosion.
This rock was highlighted by the deforestation of the causse in the 19th century.

According to legend, the lion of Balsièges is not the work of nature.
The legend says that in a distant time the shepherds of Balsièges used to bring their herds to the Causse de Balsièges.
One day one of them hears a strange noise, a roar…
Nobody believed him until the day when it was the turn of another breeder.

The next day all the shepherds gathered decided to return to the causse accompanied by the best hunter.
When they arrived they heard the same noise.
The hunter fired several shots, the frightened beast took refuge at the top of the causse.
It was a lion. And since that day this lion has never moved again.

So? … Nature or legend?

Why not take advantage of the marked path that leads there to take a nice walk and elucidate the mystery?
But be careful not to wake the lion…

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