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"Nature"Walking on trails around Mende

Walks and hikes

Lozère is a hiker’s paradise!

Lozère has the most kilometres marked trails of France.

Walking enthusiasts will always find the trail that them, wether the short walk or a long hike.
On this page you will find information about:
 – Itineraries and hiking trails in the Heart of Lozère,
The accompanying hiking guides,
 – Specialized stays for hikers.

Have a good trip!

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Practical information:

– “PR” = Walking & Hiking path (for a few hours or on the day according to your desires),

– “GR” = Long Distance Hiking Trails (several days in linear),

– “GRP” = Country Long Distance Hiking Trails (over several days in loop),

The GR and GRP require a material preparation (topoguide, planning of the stages, accommodation booking, …) and physical preparation (a minimum of training is recommended according to the level of difficulty of the GR and the duration of the roaming).

Long Distance Hiking Trails

In the footsteps of Pope Urban V

A pretext for a spiritual quest, the desire to discover unusual sites or simply looking for a new GR in Lozère, the Urban V hiking trail is a new route for pilgrims and hikers.

Step by step, you will cross paths that will lead you to a better understand of the life of the one known as “the blessed”.

The GR 670 route (that’s its name) totals 329 km, or a fortnight’s walk if you feel to do it in its entirety, from Nasbinals to Avignon via Mende, Florac, Vézenobres and Uzés.
You can also cut it into several sections composed of historic stops, such as a Mende-Florac, or Mende-Saint jean du Gard.

The website of the Urbain V path organisation (association du chemin d’Urbain V).

Book the Hiking Stays (Nasbinals / Ispagnac section) on the Urbain V path – Nasbinals to Ispagnac section(in french)

Other GR and GRP in Lozère

Stevenson way

On September 22, 1878, Robert Louis Stevenson, a young Scottish writer, set out on a journey on foot from the Monastier sur Gazeille to Saint-Jean du Gard.
He is accompanied by a donkey named “Modestine”.

On his return to Scotland, Stevenson recounts his journey in a travel diary entitled “Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes“.

One of the most beautiful routes in the french Massif-Central.
250 km from Puy-en-Velay to Alès…
4 departments crossed: Haute-Loire, Ardèche, Lozère and Gard.

Alone, in a group, with a donkey, by bike or on horseback, discover the path taken by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1878, now the G.R.70

To find out more:
The Stevenson path in detail
View and download the brochure.

The St. James Way in Lozère.

Of all the St. James routes (there are 5 routes of in France), it is the Puy-en-Velay route which is the most frequented.

This path passes through Lozère and crosses it over a portion that goes from the north to the north-west of the department and over a distance around 100 kilometres.

When you ask what is the most striking memory of this trip, many kikers answer: “The Aubrac“.

Visit the website of the French Hiking Federation

The route to Saint Guilhem.

Much used by pilgrims in the Middle Ages to reach Nasbinals at Saint-Guilhem le Désert, this path is a real pleasure for hikers.
We start on the beautiful plateau of Aubrac, we cross the Causses and the Gorges to reach our destination, via the Cirque de Navacelles.

Just a word: Beautiful!

Visit the website of the French Hiking Federation

The Tour of Mont Lozère :

Culminating at 1700 m, Mont Lozère, displays its bare peaks.
Cattle breeding and transhumance area, it is also the water tower of Lozère where springs and streams feed the rivers of the Mediterranean and Atlantic slopes.

The G.R.68 goes around this massif.
Starting from Villefort, it leads by the slopes of the north side, towards the Bleymard, Bagnols-les-Bains.
It joins the Loubière pass, then goes down to Florac by the limestone ridge of the Eschino d’Ase.
From Florac, it crosses the wooded massif of Bougès to the Col de la Croix de Berthel and then joins Villefort.

This itinerant circuit presents magnificent and varied landscapes and views.
– Distance: approximately 115 km.
– Average duration of the hike: 5-6 days.

Visit the website of the French Hiking Federation


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