Grotte De Dargilan ReduitGrotte De Dargilan Reduit
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I tested it for you ...

Visiting Dargilan

Marion agreed to tell us about her impressions of the Dargilan cave, between the Causse Noir and the Jonte Gorges.

20190916 15140520190916 151405
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Summer in the cool!

During a few days in Lozere, I decided to get some fresh air on a hot day. What could be better than a cave at 11°C?

Here we are in Dargilan with my partner for an underground visit.
Jumper on the back, good shoes on the feet, we are ready for the adventure!

What a visit !

For over an hour, our guide showed us the magnificence of the pink cave! Oh yes, it’s pink!
It’s due to the iron oxides that the water carries when it crosses the causse rock! As an archaeologist, I can relate to rocks!
Grandiose draperies, stalactites and stalagmites galore, bat calls and even the sculpture of the fox that led to the discovery of the cave.

But the highlight of the show is the bell tower! An enormous stalagmite several metres high, the result of thousands of years of water work.
Enough to humble us!

Marion view


Visiting the Dargilan cave is a Zen experience. .
Silence, contemplation, meditation.
We come out of it enchanted and conquered!

Marion is more down to earth than rock



per person

This experience includes :

  • One adult entrance to the Dargilan cave
    But there are many other prices: children, groups, …

Good to know





    • 11° !
      Make sure you bring at least a jumper or jacket as it is always wet and cold in the caves, even in summer !




    • Dargilan is also very beautiful on the outside !
      Don’t miss the splendid view of the Jonte Gorges.