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©Toison D Or 6©v.monteilhet
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Visit of the Toison d’Or farm

Virginie gladly agreed to tell us about her family excursion to the Toison d’Or farm in Margeride.
A wonderful memory for the whole tribe!

Toison D Or 3©v.monteilhetToison D Or 3©v.monteilhet
©Toison D Or 3©v.monteilhet

A walk in the land of wool

During an afternoon, we went to discover the animals of La Toison d’Or,
an educational discovery farm, for young and old!
The owners raise many species of animals
almost all of which are related to wool production: sheep, angora rabbits, llamas….

It was a family outing with our 8 and 5 year old children, in a 6 hectare park at an altitude of 1,200 metres.

The children are overjoyed!

Before starting the visit, they each receive a bucket filled with small pieces of bread.

With a smile on their face, they say:

“Thqnk you
How great it is to be able to feed the animals!

The visit starts with the rabbits, angora rabbits and guinea pigs…

The owners of the place open the hutches; what a joy for the children to take a guinea pig in their arms… The guinea pig squeals with happiness and the children enjoy the moment.

We also have the chance to pet some beautiful angora rabbits.

We continue the walk at our own pace on our own.

During our visit, we will also come across : Chickens, guinea fowl, turkeys, ducks, geese, sheep, peacocks, pigs, donkeys, cows, llamas, alpacas, goats…

beware! Some animals walk freely in the park… luckily, they are rather friendly!

Games punctuate the walk and picnic tables are at your disposal for a well-deserved snack!

This walk, offering beautiful views of the Margeride, ends with a visit to a small museum: wooden games from the past and an exhibition of old tools.

“It would be a good idea to come back with grandma and grandpa next time!
This museum will bring back memories … ”

Back at the farm, a small slide show is offered to present the Margeride, this natural region which offers gentle and serene landscapes.

Virginie view


We really appreciated the family welcome of the owners who take care of the animals with a lot of benevolence; young and old were delighted by these privileged moments with the animals!
We especially liked the guinea pigs, these little balls of fur that are very cuddly!

What the children liked best :

  • Stroking the animals and feeding them
  • taking the guinea pigs in their arms
  • Wooden games of yesteryear
Virginie has some great ideas for fun!

Good to know

  • Site located at an altitude of 1,200 metres, Take a waistcoat.


  • The farm is located in Meyrilles in the commune ofSaint Jean La Fouillouse. A signposting system has been put in place from the Habitarelle (Châteauneuf de Randon).


  • Open in June, July and August.


  • Suitable for pushchairs.