Franck Mimat7Franck Mimat7
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I tested it for you ...

Mende acrobatic course

Franck was pleased to tell us about his adventures
a few meters above the ground.
In the acrobatic park Mimat’Aventures, on the Causse de Mende.

Epreuve Equilibre02Epreuve Equilibre02
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I feel dizzy !

Well … it’s more like an apprehension of heights, as all those who have never experienced this sensation well say …

A discomfort that has followed me since childhood and which I tried to dominate for a few years.
Because after all, there is no reason for me not to enjoy it too!

So it was under the benevolent guidance of my brother-in-law (behind me in the photo) that we went to the Mimat’Aventures acrobatic park on the Causse de Mende.

After following the safety instructions (carefully)
and practising the introductory course
, ,
I set off to tackle
the green route and then the blue route.

Very pleasant!

You quickly forget the height (especially as these circuits are not very high) to concentrate on your balance… and relax.

Red and black! (the circuits …, not the novel)

Always under the encouragement of my brother-in-law (very patient, it must be said), we start the red circuit!

Is it difficult? … Actually, not that much.
The height is what makes you hesitate.
I finished the red route tired, ground down and no longer fresh enough to do the black route.
It was in the fall of 2016.
I came back two years later to try again and do the black route too!

I have no regrets.
You just have to go at your own pace, know how to stop when you’re tired and the more you get used to doing acrobatic courses, the more you relax and really enjoy yourself.

Franck view

Portrait FranckPortrait Franck
©Portrait Franck

Mimat’Aventure is for me a memorable experience with some hot spots and some tension but also some laughs and, in the end, a lot of fun. a lot of fun.
And especially a big thank you to my brother-in-law and his infinite patience.

Franck: yes to climbing, but using the stairs!


20 €

per person

This experience includes :

  • One adult entrance to the Mimat’Aventures acrobatic park
    There are also rates for children, teenagers, groups, …

Good to know

Clothing. I recommend trousers and long-sleeves. It’s a bit uncomfortable in the summer when it’s very hot, but it’s worth it when you’re climbing in the branches. It protects.

  • Go early.
    It takes time to do all four courses. It’s best to come early to get the most out of it..
  • If the red and black circuits do not attract you, you can redo the green and blue at will! Nice, isn’t it?
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