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Descending the Tarn river in canoeing

Cyril a bien voulu nous raconter
sa descente du Tarn en canoë,
en compagnie de ses deux petits-enfants


Early June: Grandma and Grandpa had the good idea to buy a canoe for Meredith and Maxime since they had learned how to swim.

I suggested that they play adventurers in the famous gorges of the Tarn,

a stone’s throw from Mende. On the program a whole day of cannon between Saint Enimie and La Malene with of course swimming and picnic.

Well, I had to accompany them, I had to rent a canoe but there is no shortage of canoe rental companies on this side of the river.

From the first minutes, sensations are there but you have to motivate the troops, more likely to play with the water than to paddle.

The snack break at Saint Chely du Tarn allows us to regain our strength because the weak current did not leave us much respite.

At this place, the waterfall of Saint Chely has something of paradise.

With a full belly and a cap on our heads, here we go again.

Ok, it’s true that there’s a bit of grumbling, but it will take the presence of a beaver on the banks of the Tarn to put a smile back on everyone’s face and to consider the end of the trip more serenely.

For my adventurers of a day, no doubt that this descent in canoe will be in the heart of the stories during the recreation with a je ne sais quoi of perfume of adventure.

Cyril view


The descent of the Tarn by canoe is relaxing with the family in a magnificent setting in my opinion

Cyril: "Lozère is a year-round holiday destination!"


12 €

per person

This experience includes :

  • The rental of a canoe per person.
    Of course, the price varies according to the distance you wish to travel…

Bon à savoir

    • Take some sun cream with you!
      And yes, you get red very quickly with the reverberation…


  • go early
    Very nice to start around 10am with a picnic.
    It gives you time to go down the river with a picnic and swimming in the middle !