Buron Aubrac 2Buron Aubrac 2
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I tested it for you ...

A tour in Aubrac

Capucine kindly agreed to tell us about her family trip to Aubrac.
Beautiful landscapes, nice walks and good meal in sight!

Étang Bonnecombe C. Nouet 7 2017 (5 Reduit)Étang Bonnecombe C. Nouet 7 2017 (5 Reduit)
©Étang Bonnecombe C. Nouet 7 2017 (5 Reduit)

On holiday with my father and sister,
we were advised by my cousin Alexandre
to discover the Lozère.

. That day,
we went to Aubrac!
My aunt and uncle came along for a nice morning walk with the Deroc waterfall as a highlight.

Well, in this August, the waterfall was not at its best, but we also did some waterfalls.
For climbers, these rocks were too tempting!

The Buron is the place to go to get your strength back!

It is good, but it’s still a bit of a dig!
So we headed for Buron de Born.
It was necessary to restrain oneself not to devour the whole platter of delicatessen but it would have been a shame not to be hungry anymore for the Aubrac beef pavé with garlic confit and its aligot!
Ah the aligot!
I didn’t know it, but it tastes so good! A small dessert and we are full!
Fortunately, there are deckchairs to enjoy the landscape after eating,
and then to take a little digestive nap!

Capucine view


Aubrac is wonderful but with aligot it’s fantastic!

Capucine: climbing is good, but aligot is better!

This experience includes :

  • the average menu at the buron de Born in Aubrac
    But it all depends on your appetite and your desires …


32 €

per person

Good to know

    • Book now!
      Eating an aligot in the Aubrac is definitely worth it, but the restaurants in the area are extremely popular when the weather is fine. Booking is always a good idea…


    • June
      The Aubrac is beautiful in all seasons but June is a month that generally highlights Aubrac’s green highland meadows.