Baptême de l'air en ULM-autogireBaptême de l'air en ULM-autogire avec "ULM Lozère"
©Baptême de l'air en ULM-autogire avec "ULM Lozère"|C. Ansaldo
I tested it for you ...

A maiden flight in microlight

Carlos kindly accepted to tell us his impressions of his maiden flight in an microlight.

Ulm Christophe CarlosBaptême de l'air en ULM-Autogire Carlos avec Christophe, le pilote
©Carlos avec Christophe, le pilote d'ULM Lozère|C. Lopes

A nice gift!

Actually, I’m a carpenter by trade, so I’ m not afraid of heights … you know what I mean, it would be quite the opposite!

Family and friends, who know my passion for beautiful landscapes (seen from above), have already offered me a few maiden flights: in a small plane from the Mende airfield and in paragliding especially.
These are also great experiences, but as far as I am concerned, I prefer this one!

One takes the time to discover the landscape.

Even if the gyrocopter flies at more than 110 km/hour (honestly you don’t notice it), you have the possibility to contemplate all the details of the site you are flying over.
Personally, I’ve done some workcamps all over Lozere, so I asked Christophe (the pilot) to fly over the Gorges du Tarn.
I was pleased to see hamlets I know well, but seen from the sky, it takes a whole new dimension!
I even spotted roofs I had rebuilt several years ago!

Why would I do it again?
Because the Aubrac or the lake of Charpal must be magnificent seen from above!
There are many places in Lozere I would like to see from the sky!

Carlos view

Carlos Ulm 5Carlos Ulm 5
©Carlos Ulm 5

I recommend the microlight to anyone who loves beautiful landscapes.
It’s extremely stable and nothing hinders your view.
It’s really worth it!

Carlos, has his head in the air but his feet on the ground

Good to know

  • 8 minutes !
    hat’ s how long it will take you to reach the Mende-Brenoux aerodrome from the town of Mende, below.


  • Be sure to bring something to cover up with!
    The weather is always much cooler up there, even in summer…