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Portraits of enthusiasts

Monique Gregnac & Jean-Pierre Bonidan, Saveurs Gour’Mende

Find the portraits of enthusiasts of the territory of Mende.
They love Mende and like to tell it.
We hope they will make you want to discover it!

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Meet Jean-Pierre

Date and place of birth:
Monique and Jean-Pierre were both born in Firminy.
Monique on 08/07/63 and Jean-Pierre on 05/04/65.

Why sell local products?
We wanted to settle in Lozère and we were looking for an activity to resume.
The sale of the shops ‘le parfum des bois’ then ‘Saveurs Gour’Mende’ was a boon.
Loving contact for one, passionate about cooking for the other, transforming and selling local products will be our new challenge.

What training have you taken?
Monique : I was a computer project leader for a GMS (Large and medium area) specialized in food.
My knowledge of IT and accounting allows me to understand the website and manage the company’s accounting.

Jean-Pierre : I was technical and commercial manager and responsible for purchasing.
These experiences allow me today to know how to satisfy and retain customers, reassure suppliers and partners as well as manage stocks.
In order to be able to start the activity, we had to participate in various internships and trainings.

How long has the sign existed?
The company “Saveurs des bois“‘ was created in February 2018.
It manufactures and processes mushroom and fruit products.
These products are sold through the “” website, the “Saveurs Gour’Mende” store and several tourist shops in the region, as well as in shops nationwide.

Some examples of products produced: ceps liqueur, ceps from Gévaudan (ceps made into jam and marinated in liqueur), pearls with ceps liqueur, ceps confit with Armagnac, rice and pasta with mushrooms, mushroom powder, oil and flavored vinegar, jams of chestnuts, rose hips, blackberries, blueberries…


Why did you arrive in Lozère?
Following a road accident, we had to bounce back and change career direction.
We do not arrive in conquered land. We will have to prove to customers that our products are of good quality, propose new products and source new partners.

For me, The Lozère

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Both of us like calm, tranquility, greenery.
Being from Langogne, the choice to move to Lozère was obvious.

It’s nice here, isn’t it?

Jean-Pierre Bonidan