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Portrait of Enthusiasts

Cécile & Sébastien NAVECTH – Restaurant “La Safranière”

Find the portraits of enthusiasts of the territory of Mende.
They love Mende and like to tell it.
We hope they will make you want to discover it!

Meet Sébastien

Date and place of birth:
I was born on March 7, 1965 in Mende and of Lozère parents.
We opened this restaurant in 1995 in Chabrits.

Why did you choose the catering profession?
School had little interest for me, so after the second, I decided to stop high school.
I loved cooking and I had learned to appreciate freshand quality products.
In addition, my father being quite manual and having given me the taste of doing things myself, I went into the restaurant business.

What training did you take?
I left for an apprenticeship in Paris, alternating between the Dodin Bouffant and the Ferrandi school.
I learned the basics of cooking there for two years before joining the Parisian restaurant of Mr. Le Divellec which offered fish dishes.
I continued my training in the Lyon region, with Mr. Alain Chapel. This encounter marked me, inspired me and still guides me in my cooking.
Then, I discovered an olive oil-based Mediterranean cuisine at the Enoteca Pinchiorri restaurant in Florence, Italy.
I traveled to Hong Kong and stayed there for two years as a chef to prepare European cuisine and also learn about a certain Asian cuisine that influences some of my dishes.

Cécile is self-taught, she trained with practice and the advice of professional friends.
She works alone in the dining room to welcome, present dishes, serve and advise customers on food and wine pairings.

What guides you in your kitchen?
My cooking is simple but neat, here the product is king.
What I seek above all is to enhance it without distorting it, nor drowning it under innumerable flavors. I embellish my recipes with Asian and Italian influences, among others, that I discovered during my travels. Our watchword is to “satisfy the customer and give him pleasure”.

Do you work with local products?
Yes, I source as much as possible from several local producers.
For vegetables, for example, I call on Ms Laurence BOUVIER in Montbrun.
I get my game from Mr. Yves Trémoulet in Chaudeyrac and I order my trout from the Florac fish farm.
For cheeses, we have a platter that gives pride of place to Lozerian cheeses.
As for the choice of wines, we mainly offer regional wines that that fit well with the dishes we serve.

For me, the Lozère

S C.navecthS C.navecth
©S C.navecth

Lozère offers very varied landscapes and a quality of life that we appreciate.
After my travels around the world, I wanted to settle here and show my cuisine.
Lozère seemed to us ideal for combining family life and the profession of restaurateur.
Today, parents of 5 children, we do not regret our choice.

Cécile & Sébastien Navecth

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