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Portrait of Enthusiasts

The Mushroom farm of Allenc – Emma JAVELAUD

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Meet Emma

Date and place of birth:
Emma was born on February 23, 1977 in Paris

Why did you decide to grow mushrooms?
After working 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, I wanted a change of life: to live elsewhere and work differently. We chose an old mansion in Allenc, with land, spring and outbuildings.
Professionally, I was looking for something original in Lozère, an innovative profession…
I quickly developed a taste for picking wild mushrooms, which allowed me to have the idea of setting up a mushroom farm, especially since our dependencies have the right conditions for growing mushrooms, in terms of humidity and temperature.
We launched in 4 months of work for the rehabilitation of the stable and the floor for the creation of mushroom farms.

Did you have to take any training?
Holder of a baccalaureate, I was then trained to have the status of Technician Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs in a pharmaceutical industry. I had to take a professional immersion with 2 mushroom growers to improve my knowledge in this field.

Why did you arrive in Lozère?
We lived 40 km south of Paris, in the Essonne (there are as many inhabitants in all the Lozère as in the capital of Essonne). My companion worked in Paris every day, and my work no longer suited me. The city, traffic jams, crowded public transport, urban stress…
We said stop! We want to LIVE!
We wanted to go to the south of the Ardèche or the Cévennes, but my eldest daughter’s studies landed us near Mende in June 2017.
We visited our house in January 2017, under the snow and it was an immediate crush!
The house and the region, we could already see ourselves there.


Do you have projects for your structure?
We currently produce brown Paris mushrooms and grey oyster mushrooms. In the medium term, we plan to grow endives.

For me, the Lozère

Champignon Allenc 2019 (1a)Champignon Allenc 2019 (1a)
©Champignon Allenc 2019 (1a)

Nature, the 4 seasons rather marked, the calm, the diversity of landscapes and exceptional encounters: the real love at first sight for the Lozère!
We have an incomparable quality of life compared to our “before” life.

Emma Javelaud

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