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Portrait of Enthusiasts

Benoît COURANT, a passionate mountain guide

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Meet Benoit

Date and place of birth:
Born on 07/10/1961 in Epernay in the Marne, country of champagne, in the middle of the vineyard (part of his family is producer of this famous beverage ...)

Why did you choose to become a Mountain guide?
Because since I was a kid, I’ve always liked walking. Whether it’s through the Scout outings, the walks then the great hikes in France.
Some readings, including Chemin Faisant by Jacques Lacarrière, have regularly nourished this passion.
I had several jobs in my previous life, always with contact with the public..
When I arrived in Lozère in 1993, I took care of a tourist office in a famous spa town before embarking on mountain guide training, the only state diploma that gives the right to supervise and to accompany hikes of 1 to several days in a professional setting.
Combining a sporting passion and meeting people is an opportunity that must be nurtured at all times.


What training have you taken?
I hold a baccalaureate D, a quick passage in college, a BEATEP (state certificate of popular education technician animator) in rural tourism and a DE (state diploma) of mountain guide.
On a regular basis, our profession subjects us to recycling (first aid, law, security, etc.) and training concerning nature, heritage, etc.
It is a great wealth and a privilege to be able to offer such a change of scenery to our customers, to make them discover the simple things and to make them taste our local productions.

What are your projects?

The trek:
Today I provide excursions to discover mushrooms in autumn with Coeur de Lozère,  snowshoe tours, services with Lozérian hoteliers to guide groups, long hikes and crossings of our regions and on the way to Compostela.

Landscapes & Cinema:
Opportunities have allowed me to bring Lozère to life in the cinema and to discover its landscapes on the web.
It is an extension of my job as a guide; I accompany a film project and its team by becoming a landscape technical advisor,  I allow our department to be known.
This had both a relational and an economic impact on the local level. The last film “Antoinette in the Cévennes” had a pretty popular success.

Why did you arrive in Lozère?
The Cévennes, Mont Aigoual, Aubrac all these corners of France that caught my eye, I walked and skied through it during my holidays long before my installation. I met residents there thanks to photo reports that I made. The big leap happened when I met woman who became my wife. Change of life, change of job.

One of your favorite places…
I have a growing attraction for the Grands Causses, and the crests of Mont Lozère. There are huge open spaces on the shoulders, a sky that opens 180 degrees and supports our gaze.
Far from closed pastures, I still perceive secrets and the unexpected. And there are still many more!

For me, the Lozère

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For me, the Lozère is a department with a thousand facets, rich of its landscape diversity induced by its concentration of all types of rocks existing on Earth.
It is a palette of colors, of landscapes changing with each season and sometimes at every moment.
The gaze carries far, the windows open on the Milky Way.
Nature often gives us gifts so rich that we hardly see them.
But these landscapes and this natural heritage wealth remain fragile and are increasingly damaged in the race for production.

Benoît Courant

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