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Pauline GALINDO-PEZET – L’atelier S

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Meet Pauline

Thanks to its quality of life, La Lozère has become obvious

Why did you choose to work in stained glass window?
It was encounters with crafts and more particularly the material glass, which put me on the path of stained glass window.
The transformation of the light through the stained glass window fascinated me, giving a “new life” to damaged stained glass windows was motivating.

What training did you take?
After training with a master glassmaker and graduating in “Art and Techniques of Stained Glass”, I worked with him for a few years. I did an additional training in greyish painting, essential for the restoration of stained glass windows, and in fusing, (glass fusion), to bring a complement in my creations.

What works have you done?
Some shipyards have asked for the agreement of all my know-how: «L’Ascension», Rosace, Church of Les Matelles (Hérault); in the restoration of stained glass windows: The church of Rieutort of Randon and the church of Langogne (classified Historical Monument), in Lozère…

Other restoration projects are underway, such as the church of La Grand Combe, or a new creation for Chateauneuf du Pape.



Why did you arrive in Lozère?
Since the creation and takeover of my workshop near Montpellier, I had already been coming to Lozère to work there, notably in Langogne, Nasbinals or even Le Malzieu-Forain, my very first project, thanks to the collaboration of the Bâtiments de France.

Later, my husband and I were looking for a place to live, to set up a project of accommodation-catering-art gallery, to host in particular playful courses on the theme of glass and other activities around art and culture.
Bagnols les Bains welcomed us.

For me, the Lozère

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Thanks to its quality of life, La Lozère has become obvious: the preservation of its natural, cultural and social environment, and therefore a real prospect for the future.

Pauline Galindo Pezet

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