Vue panoramique du centre historique de MendeLa ville de Mende vue en panoramique depuis le Pont Notre Dame jusqu'à la Cathédrale
©Vue panoramique du centre historique de Mende|Bruno Calendini
A historical heritage in a cocoon of Nature

Mende, heart of Lozere

Capital of the former Gévaudan, today Prefecture of Lozère

From the heights overlooking the city, the visitor discovers a charming city, nestled around its monumental Gothic cathedral.
This omnipresence of the cathedral gives us the keys to reed and understand the history of Mende. It symbolizes the omnipotence of the bishops
It also tells the origins of this city of pilgrims, which grew up around the tomb of Saint-Privat.

Instagram #mendetourisme
Instagram #mendetourisme

Mende, at the crossroads of territories.

he traveler who takes a break in Mende appreciates, in this rural city-prefecture, the beauty of its historic center, the splendor of its Gothic cathedral but also the sweetness of life of this small town in the countryside.

Above the city, the Causse de Mende is the playground of the Mendois for the many nature activities that can be practiced there.

La Lozère