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©©pah Toto Born (5)
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The “Toto”

Have you ever heard of the “Toto“?
Uncle Fernand has,
and that’s why he decided to share his discovery with you.

By Emmanuelle

The Zoom Sur are articles from our old blog telling the peregrinations of Uncle Fernand,
a curious Lozerian and very attached to his land.

The time has come to give the identity of our real writers.

It is in the village of Born that is located, not far from the church, a granite statue.
The statue, of archaic tradition is nicknamed by the villagers “La Toto” which means “Simple Woman”.

La Toto” would be, according to researchers, of Celtic or Gallo-Roman origin.
It would represent a god carrying a mallet, probably patron saint of coopers (the mallet is an object widely used in the wood industry).

Today we do not know the exact origins of “the Toto” which leaves the mystery on the Born.
Uncle Fernand invites you to solve with him, this mystery.

Collection Pays d’art & d’histoire

This association of 22 communes has for main vocation to valorize the local heritage.
The Pays d’art et d’histoire “Mende & Lot en Gévaudan” proposes to the inhabitants as well as to the tourists, visits, conferences, festival and various guides.
We propose to illustrate the rich heritage of the Pays d’art et d’histoire de “Mende & Lot en Gévaudan” through our special heritage collection.
You can find more information about La Toto and its particularities on the Pays d’Art et d’Histoire website.